FEEL - Equine Assisted Learning

The horses read our body language as an open book….

With FEEL - the horse as a teacher - you become aware of your feelings

People are more willing to accept feedback from a horse than they do from humans

The horse's reflection is honest and direct. As we learn from the horse's wisdom, we develop our intuition and create new opportunities for our lives.

These meetings create changes on a deep level. The horse knows your conscious and unconscious signals by interpreting the energy you send out. It is always your authentic self that the horse responds to. Unconscious emotions are allowed to come up to the surface and the horse holds a safe place for you to explore the emotions.

Horses have a strong, natural desire to participate and interact with us humans. The horse's advanced ability to communicate can take us straight to feelings we don't even recognize for ourselves.
Horses are powerful and majestic creatures, but in free nature they are refugees and completely dependent on their ability to perceive dangers and act upon their intuition.

Our sensitive, wise horses respond to both positive and negative changes generated by a person's body and behavior. In other words, horses reflect the feelings and energy of the people around them.

Through FEEL, the horses help the participants find their own inner wisdom. Horses are very similar to us and they have the same emotional register we have. This is one of the reasons they can help us people.


The horses help us:
♥ Strengthen our relationships
♥ Manage stress better
♥ Set healthy boundaries
♥ Find ourselves

With the horse you can experience:
♥ Growing awareness
♥ Expansion of your heart
♥ Increased intuitive abilities
♥ Enhanced vitality
♥ The value of setting boundaries

FEEL is an innovative approach for
self-development and growth.
(Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) ®

Our magic horses

David - Healer and organizer


Dynamite - Emotion Master and Scout

Tora - The Border Tester
and the food finder

The fastest
way to freedom
is to feel your feelings
                    Gita Belin